Sita Schubert
I believe in enthusiasm and passion – in people, patients and projects. Passion is impelling, enthusiasm is solution driven.

As a fully qualified attorney with years of professional experience in a management consultancy firm, and more than a decade as a General Manager in Germany and Austria for a mid-tier, globally operating pharmaceutical company, Sita Schubert advises firms in the fields of food supplements, OTC, RX products, medical devices and orphan medicinal products.

She provides the requisite supporting expertise for facilitating the market entry of international enterprises, but also for product launches and approval transfers in all product categories. In this context, communicating idiosyncrasies in terms of regulatory codes and business practices in the German and Austrian markets, from approval and production all the way through to marketing the product involved, is only the first step.

The principal focus of the consultancy offered and the long-term support provided is not only on setting up companies, both as start-ups and by way of market access, but also on the marketing and life-cycle management of individual products and product portfolios.

With a diversified national and European network in the industrial sector, the academic community and among service providers, Sita Schubert is well able, in conjunction with the clients, to formulate responsively individualized solutions, not least outside the confining boundaries of conventional wisdom. This enables clients’ products to be ideally positioned on the market in order to generate sustained success.

Sita Schubert first worked for a firm of management consultants specializing in market entries in Germany, before she took charge of an internationally operating, mid-tier pharmaceutical company’s subsidiary for Germany and Austria, where under her management the subsidiary’s sales and profits both increased tenfold over years of successful performance. For example, she managed the launching and adoption of orphan medicinal products on the German and other European markets.

Within the framework of intensive collaboration with the affiliated companies, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States, Ms Schubert has played a leading role in a series of cross-border projects.

Ms Schubert has represented corporate interests in health care policy-making on a national scale as a member of the Executive Board of the German Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (BPI) in North Rhine-Westphalia, and on the European level in EUCOPE.

For fostering compliance with codified rules of competition and business ethics, in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Code, and in order to encourage rigorous self-monitoring, she has been proactively involved as the Deputy Chairperson of the AKG (German Association for pharmaceuticals and cooperation in the health care sector).

Ms Schubert is, moreover, a founding member  and treasurer of Healthcarefrauen e.V., an exclusive network of women in leading positions in the health care sector, and acts as a mentor to future female executives.